Longview, Texas

  "Birth Place of Texas"Washington on  the Brazos



Listed below are the approved ancestors of the John Tilley Edwards Chapter of
The Daughters of the Republic of Texas

These are the brave men and women who struggled to establish a new life and helped to establish the Republic of Texas.
They came by covered wagons, horseback, barges, ships  and many walked.

 *by name denotes approved ancestor listed elsewhere on this page.

Thomas Jefferson Adams (1805-1864)
Irvin Addison (ca. 1813-1870) married *Matilda Glass
William Addison (ca. 1778-ca. 1838) married *Mary Cobrare
Franklin Alfonzo Alexander (1820-1878) married *Sarah Montgomery
Stephen Allred (1796-1894)
Benjamin Anderson (between 1750/1757-1853)
Felix Alonzo E./Allen Eaton Anderson (1809-1866)
John Erwin Anderson (ca. 1795-after 1845)
Matthew Anderson (ca. 1780-after 1850)
Alexander Lawrence Baker (1792-1840)
Mrs. Zilpha Barton - Zilpha Baker (1802-1890)
Carl Johann Baldus (ca. 1822-ca. 1860) married *Caroline Pauline Herber
Major Edward Barbee (1793-1885)
Solomon Barrow (1801-1858)
Joseph Bays (1786-1854) married *Roseina Wicher
Susana Bays (1802-ca. 1879) married *Peter DeMoss
Rhoda Creel Beall (ca. 1784-1859) married *James Washington Winters Sr.
Miles Bennett (1816-1887)
William Baxter Blackburn (1815-1885)
John Blanton (unknown-1840)
Abel Boles (ca. 1792-after 1883)
Jesse B. Bowman - Alamo Defender (ca. 1785-1836)
Joseph T. Bowman (1811-1883) married Naphania Hardin
William H. Bowman (1844-between 1880/1900)
John Morris Box (1780-1842) married *Mrs. Sally Box
Mrs. Sally Box (1784-1847) married *John Morris Box
Sarah Elizabeth Box (ca. 1834-between 1857/1859)
William S. Box (1804-1870) married *Milena Anas Palmer
James Bradley (ca. 1810-between 1856/59) married *Sarah Ann Bumpass
Rachel Brazelton (ca. 1798-ca. 1866) married *William Viser
John Buckley (ca. 1787-after 1850) married *Elizabeth Hedden
Tyre Buckley (ca. 1815-ca. 1881) married *Susanah Wooten
Sarah Ann Bumpass (ca. 1823-after 1870) married *James Bradley
John Hamilton Cain (1808-1891)
James Alfred Caldwell (1807-1854) married *Catherine Frances O’Reilly
Margaret P. Caldwell (1833-after 1870)
Cyrenia/Syrenia Canada (1811-before 1890) married *Richard B. Haley
Carter Cannon (ca. 1794-ca. 1875)
Aaron Trice Castleberry I (1783-1845)
William Joseph Chaffin Sr. (1829-1908)
James Chessher (ca. 1792-1873) married *Thriza Morgan
Susanna Avaminta Chessher (ca. 1835-unknown)
Commodore C. Chilcoat (1817-1888) married *Malinda C. Yeager
Martha Elizabeth Chilcoat (1843-1922)
Barnes Clark (ca. 1781-ca. 1839)
John Clark (1830-ca. 1883)
Ewing Clayton (ca. 1808-after 1870)
Mary Cobrare (1784/85-about 1860) married *William Addison 
Lovell Coffman (1800-ca. 1866) married *Catherine Howard
Seabern Joseph Coffman (1828-1912)
Benjamin Franklin Cook (ca. 1803-1870)
Frances Cooper (1802-1853) married *John Randolph
Zebulon Pike Cottle (1825-1902)
Harriet Jane Crowder (1818-before 1864) married *Jacob Lyday
Daniel Cullins (1799-1867)
Margaret Davis (1801-after 1860) married *Moses F. Wooten
Nathan Davis Sr. (1767-1857) married *Jane Ewing
Charles Francis Delmas (1810-1896)
Charles DeMoss (ca. 1776-1826) married *Mrs. Martha DeMoss
Mrs. Martha DeMoss (ca. 1783-1826) married *Charles DeMoss
Peter DeMoss (ca. 1796-1878) married *Susana Bays
Susannah DeMoss (1830-1867)
Hannah DeSpain (1802-1865) married *Wilson Edley Ewing
John Dial (1790-1844)
Allen Dillard/Dilliard (1790-1875)
Esther A. Dubose (ca. 1820-between 1860/1870)
Mrs. Lucinda Dyches (1775-about 1854)
John Tilley Edwards (ca. 1808-1862)
John Patroan English (1819-ca. 1836)
Anderson Estes (ca. 1795-1854)
Edley Ewing (ca. 1777-1849) married *Elizabeth Love
Henry L. Ewing (1835-1924)
Jane Ewing (ca. 1771-after 1850) married *Nathan Davis Sr.
Wilson Edley Ewing (ca. 1800-1869/70) married *Hannah DeSpain
Littleton Fowler - Methodist Missionary (1803 - 1846)
William M. Gardner (1816-1888)      
John Madison Gass (1815-1856)
James William George - Alamo Defender (ca. 1802-1836)
Matilda Glass (ca. 1817-after 1880) married *Irvin Addison
James Harrelson Graham (ca. 1810-ca. 1869)
John F. Graham (ca. 1810-ca. 1855)
Anthony Foster Gray (1798-1877)
Mary Patience Greenway (ca. 1789-1867) married *John Smither
Cynthia A. Haley (1810-1902) married *Joshua H. Watson
John R. Haley (ca. 1793-ca. 1845) married *Mrs. Susan Haley
Richard Haley Sr. (ca. 1745-between 1825/1838)
Richard B. Haley (1810-1877) married *Cyrena Canada
Mrs. Susan Haley (ca. 1793-unknown) married *John R. Haley
William Hall (1800-1854)
William Hamilton (ca. 1776-ca. 1837)
Randolph Allen Hankla (1803-between 1870/1880)
Naphania Hardin (1826-1884) married *Joseph T. Bowman
Elizabeth J. Harrell (1822-1903) married *William McCutcheon     
Mrs. Amanda C. Harris (1810-1885)
Nancy Ann Haskins (ca. 1814-between 1857/1860) married *William Langton
William C. Hays - San Jacinto Soldier (1806-1893)
Elizabeth Hedden (ca. 1800-after 1850) married *John Buckley
Caroline Pauline Herber (ca. 1834-ca. 1880) married *Carl Johann Baldus
Casper Herber (ca. 1806-ca. 1850) married *Mrs. Mary Theresa Herber
Mrs. Mary Theresa Herber (ca. 1806-ca. 1855) married *Casper Herber
Cyrena Hill (1820-1899)
James Hill (1782-after 1850)
Robert Henry Hill (ca. 1817-ca. 1857) married *Agnes Shelton Menefee
William Hill (1792-between 1850/1857)
William James Hill (1811-1874)
John W. Holding (ca. 1815-1873)
Robert Hooker (ca. 1804-1867)
James Monroe Hooper (1818-1893)
Richard E. Hooper (1783-1855)
Mary Hopson (ca. 1812-1859) married *Owen Montgomery Owens
Zachariah Hopson (1780-ca. 1848)
William B. Horn (1822-1889)
Frances M. Horton (1819-before 1910) married *Ralph A. Oliver Nelson
Mrs. Nancy Ann Horton (between 1781/1790-ca. 1847)
David Houston (1802-1870)
Catherine Howard (1801-1884) married *Lovell Coffman
James McCain Hughes (1820-1884)
Claiborn Johnson (1784-between 1850/1853)           
John Jowell (1768-ca. 1853)
William Keizer (1812-1865)
George Lane (1813-1885)
William Langton (ca. 1803-1879) married *Nancy Ann Haskins
Robert Bruff/Brough Longbotham (1797-1883)
Elizabeth Love (ca. 1781-ca. 1842) married *Edley Ewing
John G. Love (1788-ca. 1866)           
George Rockford Lowrie (ca. 1815-1853)    
Samuel Hays Lowrie (1835-1918)
Jacob Lyday (ca. 1800-ca. 1855) married *Harriet Jane Crowder
Mary Jane Lyday (ca. 1838-1882) married *James T. Yates
Stephen Lynch Sr. (ca. 1756-ca. 1840)
Rachel Lynn (ca. 1783-ca. 1867)
Eldridge Mallard - Mercer Colonist (1797-1876)
John Zacharias Martin (1826-1902)
William Robert Martin (1806-1881)
Mary McCain (1801-1857)
Mary Jane McCutcheon (1838-unknown) 4
William McCutcheon (1812-1900) married *Elizabeth J. Harrell
John W. McHorse - San Jacinto Soldier (ca. 1819-1897)
Agnes Shelton Menefee (1824-1872) married *Robert Henry Hill
Thomas Menefee (1779-1858)
Andrew J. Miller (ca. 1786-1836)
James W. Miller (ca. 1792-1830/31) married *Ruth Shannon
Margaret Ella Miller (1815-1860) married John *Frelan Winters
Farris Montgomery (ca. 1796-ca. 1881) married *Hannah Woods
Margaret Montgomery - Austin Colonist (between 1770/1773-1854) married *Owen Shannon
Sarah Montgomery (1836-1900) married *Franklin Alfonzo Alexander
Thriza Morgan (ca. 1811-1875) married *James Chesser
Alfred W. Morris (1823-1866) married *Matilda Parmer
Turner Moss (ca. 1776-ca. 1848)
Robert Caldwell Neblett (1795-1871)
Charles Claborn Oliver Nelson (1840-1895)
Ralph A. Oliver Nelson (1809-1847) married *Frances M. Horton
Catherine Frances O’Reilly (1811-1902) married *James Alfred Caldwell
Catherine Overton (1790-1867)
Owen Montgomery Owens (ca. 1819-1849) married *Mary Hopson
- Milena Anas Palmer (ca. 1812-1852) married *William Box
Benjamin Parker (1788-1836)
Elder John Parker (1758-1836)
Matilda Parmer (1828-1900) married *Alfred W. Morris
Martin Parmer/Palmer V - The Signer (1778-1850)
Martin Van Buren Parmer (1838-1932)         
William Parmer (between 1810/1814-ca. 1873) married *Frances B. Wood
Sarah Pearson (between 1794/1797-1860) married *Thomas Wood
Lemuel Peters Jr. (1819-1856)
William Phillips (ca. 1805-1862)
William Pierpont (1797-ca. 1867)
Orange B. Prentiss - Mercer Colonist (1806-1879) married *Nancy Wilkins
Pensy Elizabeth Raiford (1798-1855) married *Michael Watson
Elizabeth Ramage (unknown-ca. 1840)
Elizabeth Randolph (1839-after 1880)
John Randolph (1793-1852) married *Frances Cooper
Isaac Reed (1776-1848)
Frances Rhodes (1761-1836)
Benjamin Richardson (1776-1849)
Sherrod Roland (ca. 1788-1848)
James Fears Rosborough Jr. (1803-1861)
Carman Ross (unknown-ca. 1860)
William Sanford (1779-1866)
Owen Shannon - Austin Colonist (ca. 1762-1834) married *Margaret Montgomery
Ruth Shannon (ca. 1799-1856) married *James W. Miller
James W. Sims (1806-unknown)
George Washington Smith - San Jacinto Soldier - Texas Ranger (ca. 1796-ca. 1876)
John Smither (1779-1860) married *Mary Patience Greenway
Julia Ann Smither (1819-1860) married *Washington J. Viser
Daniel Spillers (ca. 1826-before 1880)
James Harper Starr (1809-1890)
Benjamin F. Stracener (1816-1862)
Elizabeth Strother (ca. 1788-after 1835)
Peter Teel (1791-1875)
Robert Adams Terrell (1820-1881)
Benjamin Franklin Thompson (1803-1863)
Clement C. Tutt (ca. 1802-1855)
Mary Ann Tutt (1839-1903)
Isaac Van Zandt (1813-1847)
Washington J. Viser (ca. 1820-1871) married *Julia Ann Smither
William Viser (ca. 1793-1866) married *Rachel Brazelton
Charles Mote Walters (ca. 1807-ca. 1846)
Joshua H. Watson (ca. 1828-1867) married *Cynthia A. Haley
Michael Watson (ca. 1798-1865) married *Pensy Elizabeth Raiford

John Johnston Webster (1796-1854)
Roseina Wicher married *Joseph Bays
Josiah Pugh Wilbarger (1801-1845)
Mrs. Mary Wilkins - Mercer Colonist (ca. 1785-between 1860/1870)
Nancy Wilkins - Mercer Colonist (1818-1908) married *Orange B. Prentiss
Leonard Williams (1798-1854)
Stephen Williams (ca. 1760-1848)
Abel Wilson (ca. 1785-after 1847)
Hugh Wilson - Pioneer Saint (1794-1868)
Randol Price Wilson (1808-1864)
Sarah Jane Wilson (1883-1927)
James Washington Winters Sr. (1773-1848) married *Rhoda Creel Beall
John Frelan Winters - San Jacinto Soldier (1814-1864) married *Margaret Ella Miller
Frances B. Wood (between 1821/1824-1877) married *William Parmer      
Thomas Wood (1796-after 1860) married *Sarah Pearson
William Hall Woodley (1787-1847)
Hannah Woods (ca. 1814-ca. 1849) married *Farris Montgomery
Zadock Woods (1773-1842)
Moses F. Wooten (ca. 1790-after 1860) married *Margaret Davis
Susanah Wooten (1824-ca. 1858) married *Tyre Buckley
William Richard Wornel (1790-1865)
William Samuel Worthington (1800-1832)
John Alexander Wright (1799-1870)
William Woodson Wright (1818-1897)
Mrs. Avis T. Yates (1797-1885) married *Thomas Yates
James T. Yates (1833-unknown) married *Mary Jane Lyday
Thomas Yates (1798-1855)
Malinda C. Yeager (1816-1891) married *Commodore C. Chilcoat